Monday, March 21, 2011

Raz-A-Dazzle Toothbrush

I recently posted a DITL photo project, and got a couple of questions about Delilah's toothbrush.

Delilah brushes her teeth with a RaZBaby Raz-A-Dazzle Baby Toothbrush.

The Raz-A-Dazzle Toothbrush was an impulse buy. I was waiting to check out at Once Upon a Child one day when I noticed the display of RaZBaby products. Delilah certainly didn't need a new toothbrush. The little finger tip brush I'd been using on the few teeth she had at the point was still more than sufficient, but the thought of seeing her brushing her own little teeth with her own little toothbrush made me smile. I was sold. (As you can see, my foresight was spot-on. How adorable is that?)

The Raz-A-Dazzle toothbrush is reasonably priced at around $5. It is made from non-toxic medical grade silicone and has very soft and gentle bristles. Even when she's teething, the soft bristles against her tender gums don't seem to bother Delilah a bit. I think my favorite part of the toothbrush is the little safety shield. That shield means that after I've done my part in getting her teeth clean, I can let Delilah brush her own teeth (by which I mean chew on the toothbrush). The shield keeps her from sticking it too far into her mouth and gagging or injuring herself with it. She loves being in control of the toothbrush and seems to find chewing on the bristles very soothing and satisfying!

I absolutely recommend this toothbrush. This was one impulse buy that I don't regret!

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