Sunday, March 20, 2011

Earth Mama Nipple Butter

Thanks to Delilah nursing like a newborn again due to being under the weather, I had to bust out my jar of Earth Mama Nipple Butter for the first time in...gosh, probably a year! In light of that fact, today's Featured Item is Earth Mama Nipple Butter!

When Delilah was born, the hospital sent me home with oodles of samples of lanolin. While I know that animals are not killed for lanolin, I still wasn't crazy about it being an animal based product. I went ahead and gave it try, and found it to be a bit sticky. Having to wipe it off prior to nursing Delilah was a pain (literally and figuratively). Even the softest cloth feels rough against sore, tender nipples that are new to nursing, and the frequency at which a newborn eats meant I was wiping off and reapplying sometimes two or three times within an hour. I was also sad to find that it effectively ruined my nursing tanks, leaving tell-tale and conspicuous grease spots that wouldn't wash out.

Delilah Nursing at 3 months
Photo by Nicole Aarstad
Enter Earth Mama Nipple Butter. First of all, it is certified vegan and contains no toxic ingredients or parabens. Do you know that that means? It means you don't have to wipe it off before nursing, since it is safe for both mamas and babies. Second, it is not sticky or greasy at all. It's just the right consistency (not too thick, not to thin) and glides on smoothly. It is extremely easy to apply and if it gets onto your clothes, it washes out easily. Most importantly, it works! I've been lucky enough to miss out on the joy of cracked nipples, but based on reviews, it works beautifully for cracks, too. What I can vouch for is its effectiveness at moisturizing and soothing sore, dry, tender nipples.

A little goes a long way, which explains why I still had half a jar sitting in my medicine cabinet after nearly 16 months of nursing. Knowing that it doesn't contain traditional (potentially harmful) preservatives, I wasn't sure what I'd find when I twisted that lid off, but was pleased to find that it looks as good and works as well as the day I bought it.

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