Sunday, March 20, 2011

Planet Detergent

As I mentioned in my Cloth Diaper Laundry post, we use Planet Detergent not just for diapers, but for all of our laundry. Our hard water can make getting our clothes truly clean a bit of a challenge,
and Planet has proven itself up to the task. Our clothes come out clean and with no film or residue with about a quarter of the amount of detergent we used prior to
switching to Planet, which means that the pack of four 100 oz bottles we buy from Amazon lasts for months. I haven't kept track, but I estimate that one 100 oz bottle lasts close to 2 months. To put that time frame in context, we usually do about 10 loads of laundry per week.

What I like best about Planet Detergent is that it's gentle. I'm not just talking about gentle on out clothes, which it is, but the lack of dyes, perfumes, harsh chemicals, and allergens means it's gentle on us, too. Delilah has sensitive skin that is prone to eczema outbreaks, so that gentleness is important! The fact that it is biodegradable, free of petrochemicals, and not tested on animals means it is gentle on the planet, too.

You may be lucky enough to find Planet Detergent in stores near you, but since I am not so lucky, I buy it through Amazon. I buy 4 at a time with free shipping, and when I do figure out how often I run out, I will sign up for the subscription option which saves an additional 15% off.

Whether or not you use cloth diapers, I recommend Planet detergent to anyone who is looking for a gentle, effective, eco-friendly laundry solution!

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